Please note that some sites have been edited since our launch and may not completely reflect Harvest Creations’ initial build.

NCPotatoes.org – The North Carolina Potato Association is the oldest commodity association in North Carolina. The growers in the association wanted a new site to promote both the association and the benefits of North Carolina potatoes, but had to use their budget wisely. Harvest Creations made it happen. We even created a unique grower directory that allows visitors to search for growers either by the potato varieties grown or by location.

BurchFarmsNC.com – Burch Farms was ready for the change. They don’t have a dedicated full-time marketing employee, and like all farms – time is precious. The family has a rich history in NC, with an amazing operation of sweet potatoes and vegetables. They also have a great food safety program to tout, as well as their Covington sweet potato vodka and pureed products. HC created custom graphics to show the family’s history and created a unique food safety page and a sweet potato video. The process was simple and the price – unbeatable. Most importantly, Burch Farms is now telling the right story.


KornegayFamilyProduce.com – Kornegay Produce is the recent addition to the Kornegay Family Farms operation. Kornegay Produce explains the farming history and sweet potato product offerings.


RCHatton.com – Harvest Creations cares about you. This means listening. Listening to what is important to you. RCH’s website was originally built in the early 2000’s. They knew it was time to update. The farm mostly grows corn and beans, sold by Hugh Branch Inc., and it also grows 4,500 acres of sugar cane. RCH wasn’t looking for a website to necessarily convert a customer, but more to inform anyone interested in learning more about where his or her food is grown. Harvest Creations listened. RCH can proudly say they are telling the right story.

VannitySalon.com – Harvest Creations took a step outside of the agriculture arena to create this budget friendly, creative, and highly effective website. The site was built with the mobile user in mind.


FreshApproachFarms.com – Fresh Approach Farms was looking for a clean, straightforward website to deliver their message internationally. As a new company, Fresh Approach Farms wanted to work within a budget to build a site that establishes trust among its future clients. The site includes the company’s product offerings, as well as has a password protected page for their confidential food safety information.