Package design and you.

• You should have options for packaging design: Good package design matters – but in the produce industry your options are few. Harvest Creations believes you shouldn’t have to choose between free design that doesn’t fit your needs or fancy design that costs a fortune (and often still isn’t quite right). That’s why we are here.

• Your website and packaging design reflects your business: The design of your website, packaging, and PLU labels reflects the time and effort you put into making the shipment happen. We know you care and we can show your customer you do, too.

• You can make a better first impression: The boxes your produce come in are the first thing quality control people see when they open the back of a truck. Well-designed packaging is like dressing nicely for an interview. We want you to get the job.

• You can distinguish your brand: You may not have many opportunities to set yourself apart from the competition. Let’s use the spaces and places we have, in the smartest ways we can, to make that happen.

Here are a few work samples. Out of privacy to certain customers, not all projects are posted, so please contact Harvest Creations if you would like additional details or references regarding a service.