Carrie Smith of Harvest Creations has over 10 years of fresh produce experience. Carrie’s knowledge reaches all levels of the food supply chain for a multitude of commodities. Combined, Carrie and her design partners have over 40 years of design experience.



Harvest Creations’ business model avoids unnecessary overhead costs without sacrificing quality. The result – you receive superior design work without paying agency rates.

Harvest Creations is female owned and all design partners are minorities or women. We are different. And it makes a difference. Let us share our diversity with you.

About Carrie

I have ridden along in a tractor digging potatoes in Florida, watched Washington State pears get gently washed, learned how peppers get place packed, learned the importance of getting out of a forklift’s way when he’s loading a truck of anything, been on countless store visits – smiling at the PLU Sticker on the watermelon; remembering it on my computer screen only a few weeks prior. I’ve stood inside a warehouse cooler full of boxes I designed, knowing the others with me had no clue the excitement I was suppressing. I have visited a box manufacturing plant and learned how color gets applied. I have talked growers into smiling for pictures. I have gotten sales people to be quiet and listen for at least a moment. It’s all of these experiences that make me the perfect person for leading a team to help you.

As a veteran of the produce business, I know it’s not like any other industry. When I was in charge of contracting out design work, I discovered most “outside” designers don’t understand that.

I was in your seat and needed a new package design. I didn’t like my choices — either use the no-charge box/bag/label supplier art department, or a high priced designer with little packaging experience and almost never any produce experience.  And for other projects like websites, I learned it was safer and more cost effective to write my company’s content and edit photos to ensure vital information, like food safety, was communicated accurately.

So I applied my creative gifts and taught myself how to properly design for all forms of produce marketing materials — down to creating barcodes. Within a few years, I found myself designing practically all marketing materials and packaging for my company.

I love it. I’m good at it. I know what works. I know what doesn’t. I’ve decided to offer my skills and insight to you. With your budgets in mind, and my talented team supporting me, we will do what is best for your brand, your customer and the entire industry.